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Emu oil and calluses and corns


What are calluses and corns?

Calluses and corns are characterized by dry skin that has retracted and hardened. They are, in some way, a defence mechanism the body uses to protect itself in the areas that are subjected to greater pressure or friction. This thickening of the epidermis can appear at the various pressure points on the sole of the feet, and in the folds between the fingers and the toes.

What causes calluses and corns?

Depending on your lifestyle, calluses and corns can be caused by different factors. In general, wearing uncomfortable shoes or shoes that rub against your feet will likely cause the skin to thicken. People with hollow feet and those who wear high heels, ill-fitted or unstable shoes are more subject to that condition, which can also be caused by repeated friction (for example, the sole of the feet against the shoes or a guitarist's finger against cords) that makes the skin to thicken in reaction to the chronic trauma inflected.


How can I treat calluses and corns?

Shoes adapted to your feet’s forms

Above all, wearing shoes adapted to your feet's forms is essential. This means wearing shoes do not constrict the feet and are made from supple materials. It can be useful to have a doctor prescribe plantar orthosis to evenly spread the body weight on the feet's pressure points, hence limiting the recurrence of calluses and corns.


Pumice stones and files

Pumice stones and files should preferably be used on softened calluses and corns after a lukewarm footbath. Even though these tools help prevent calluses and corns and remove excessive skin, it remains important to use them sparingly as the epidermis will thicken as a defence mechanism if it is suffers too much abrasion. Nevertheless, when used in moderation, pumice stones and files can soften calluses and corns and promote skin regeneration.



Unfortunately, creams are inefficient on thicker calluses and corns. Even though they help soften dry and hard skin, they cannot eliminate calluses and corns. However, they can still be used as a preventive measure.


Emu oil and calluses and corns

Thanks to its exceptional moisturizing power, pure emu oil is an efficient solution to emolliate dry, hard skin caused by calluses and corns. It can be used daily as a preventive or curative measure and won't cause any adverse effects that could cause the skin to thicken even more.


To prevent and cure calluses and corns while limiting chronic trauma, use this emu oil-based treatment:

  • Soak the calluses or corns in lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes to soften the skin.
  • Apply pure emu oil to the affected area to further soften the skin.
  • Exfoliate the calluses or corns 2 to 3 times a week to eliminate dead skin and help the healthy skin regenerate. Use a pumice stone to gently get rid of the thicker calluses.
  • Moisturize the calluses or corns again with pure emu oil or an emu-oil based cream.


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On Tuesday 25 July 2017 at 10:51 Emeucharlevoix say's:

Bonjour, merci pour l'intérêt porté sur nos produits. Nous allons vous communiquer à votre courriel directement. Bonne journée et au plaisir.


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