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ÉMEUCHARLEVOIX emu oil: A unique product

100% pure emu oil

The story of the Centre de l'Émeu de Charlevoix (CEC) started in the summer of 1997 on the Tremblay family farm, located in the picturesque village of Saint-Urbain.


Since its beginnings, quality, health, the environment, and local sourcing have been at the heart of Raymonde Tremblay's priorities. Ms. Tremblay is the president and owner of the CEC.


Her discovery of the potential of emu oil marked the beginning of what would become a great journey. To attain her objective of producing a superior-quality emu oil, Raymonde Tremblay had to find a way to surpass the standards that existed on the market at that time.


After more than 16 years of sustained efforts and several years of research and development, the CEC is proud to introduce its finest product: ÉMEUCHARLEVOIX emu oil.


Superior quality

  • Contains high-quality omegas (3, 6, 7 and 9) thanks to our unique transformation process
  • Indisputable purity: odourless, white and smooth at all times
  • Penetrates skin faster.


Healthy and environmentally friendly

  • Paraben- and growth hormone-free
  • Pesticide-free: The emus are raised on a farm that hasn't used pesticides for more than 20 years
  • Chemical preservative-free.


100% Quebec-made

  • 100% of the raw materials come from our Saint-Urbain eco-friendly farm
  • 100% of our emu oil is transformed in the province of Québec
  • 100% of the CEC's business partners are Québec-based companies


What's more, we only use the EMEUCHARLEVOIX 100% pure emu oil in all of our products. No other emu oil is bought or added to our oil. It is always sourced from the same producer (our eco-friendly farm in Saint-Urbain). These measures ensure that we always manufacture a superior-quality product.

100% pure emu oil

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