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Why choose Emeu Charlevoix products?

Here is what sets us apart from other emu oil products:

The largest emu farm in Canada

With more than 400 emus, we are the largest emu farm in Canada and work to build a healthy and respectful breeding environment. The nutrition given to our emus with a supplement in omegas makes it possible to fully value the products of the emu.

ferme centre de l'émeu de charlevoix
tarifs visite ferme émeu
bébé émeu

Filtration of emu oil: a unique method that makes it a fine and unique oil

No smell, fast penetration, pure… that’s how our emu oil is defined! Over the years, we have developed a unique manufacturing process for high quality oil.

A completely renewed range for face care and body care

All our products have a high percentage of emu oil. Added to this are other carefully selected natural ingredients that bring great performance.

Our complete product line now includes 17 different products, including 3 products with an NPN (approved by Health Canada):

  • Pain relief cream (NPN)
  • Lip balm (NPN)
  • Eczema cream (NPN).

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