Emu oil and breast care and chapping

Why is breast care important?

Breasts are very fragile mammary glands, particularly when expecting a child. At the onset of pregnancy, breasts become heavier and the canals that bring milk to the milk ducts multiply in the mammary glands. Breasts become stretched and painful, particularly in the first trimester.Read more
  There are simple measures you can take on a regularly basis to facilitate your pregnancy and maintain the appearance of your breasts in the long term.

How can I take care of my breasts?

Wearing a bra throughout your pregnancy is vital if you want to remain comfortable and minimize the constraints you fee. It is even recommended to change your bra size often (if needed) so that it evolves at the same time as your breasts. A well-fitting bra will support your breasts without changing their natural location and not leave any marks. Growing breasts can also cause stretch marks. In order to prevent stretch marks, it is important to maintain your skin’s elasticity by moisturizing it often. A simple daily exercise can also help to tone your breasts. Raise your elbows on each side until they are parallel with your chest. Press your palms firmly together for 30 seconds. Finish each shower with a jet of cold water on your breasts; this helps to activate your blood circulation, firm up the epidermis and soothe the heavy feeling you have. Whether or not you are pregnant, avoid smoking and alcohol. Remove your bra every night before going to bed, protect your breasts from the sun, and be sure to have them regularly examined by a doctor once you are in your thirties.

Emu oil: ideal for hydrating and protecting your breasts

Thanks to its exceptional moisturizing qualities, emu oil, applied on your breasts morning and night during your pregnancy, helps your skin remain supple and prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Furthermore, by massaging your nipples with emu oil on a daily basis, you can reduce the risk of injury during nursing. ÉMEUCHARLEVOIX’s emu oil is risk-free for nursing mothers and babies. It also contains healthy omega 3-6-7-9. Sources, excluding the last paragraph: Canoë Santé, Magic Maman, Style de vie

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What is emu oil?

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Questions and answers about breast care and chapping

Le mercredi 11 janvier 2017 à 14:14 EMEUCHARLEVOIX dit: Bonjour, oui, vous pouvez appliquer l’huile d’émeu sur vos seins. C’est une huile douce qui pénètre en profondeur. En plus d’hydrater le peau, elle aidera à améliorer le confort aux seins. Merci et bonne journée !

Le mercredi 5 novembre 2014 à 15:50 Emeu Charlevoix dit: Bonjour, l’huile d’émeu est en effet très efficace pour prévenir les vergetures des futures mamans, aider à conserver l’élasticité de la peau et même pour les soins mammaires (seins engorgés, allaitement, etc.). L’huile d’émeu peut également être utilisée pour les nourrissons afin d’hydrater la peau, aider à soulager l’érythème fessier (fesses rouges), aider à diminuer les douleurs aux gencives liées à la poussée des dents ou même pour la peau sèche du chapeau. Nous vous invitons à consulter notre protocole de soin pour en savoir davantage sur tout ce que l’huile peut faire pour votre amie et son enfant http://emeucharlevoix.com/cm2s_content/emeucharlevoix/document/emeu-charlevoix-1373157580-Soins-huile-d—meu.pdf. Merci beaucoup!

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