The Centre de l’Émeu de Charlevoix develops a line of pure emu oil-based products and is the largest emu farm in Canada.

In business since 1997, today the Centre de l’Émeu de Charlevoix produces and sells pure emu oil and a line of Emeu CharlevoixTM skincare products locally in Québec as well as all over Canada and in many European countries. The company also has its own boutiques, located at the Marché du Vieux-Port in Québec City, in the historic Vieux-Bourg neighbourhood in Beauport as well as at its Saint-Urbain farm in Charlevoix.

A must-see agritourism complex is situated at the Centre de l’Émeu de Charlevoix’s livestock farm, which is a member of the Économusées du Québec and the Route des Saveurs de Charlevoix. Visitors can enjoy the largest emu farm in Canada, which houses more than 400 emus.

Visitors can also taste the exotic and surprisingly delicious emu meat from the Austravoix line in several of the region’s renowned restaurants. It is also found at several points of sale and directly at the Centre de l’Émeu de Charlevoix’s farm.

The founder

Six generations of my ancestors were farmers on the land where we are now. When it came to starting up an emu farm, I didn’t hesitate to choose Saint-Urbain and the family lands upon which I grew up!

Raymonde Tremblay

Raymonde Tremblay

Raymonde Tremblay, President and Founder of the Centre de l’Émeu de Charlevoix.

With an MBA and as a trained dietician, Raymonde Tremblay met her first baby emu during a trade show. She fell in love instantly and immediately began to form her business. It was in 1997 when the first flock of emus arrived on her ancestral homeland.

Many years have been invested to breed emu properly in a healthy, caring environment as well as develop a unique 100% pure emu oil manufacturing process. Today, the company boasts 20 very high-quality natural body care products. Raymonde Tremblay is extremely proud of her business.

She launched her most recent project in 2017 after a $1 million investment to provide the public with a renovated agritourism complex. In collaboration with the Société du réseau Économusée, the Centre de l’Émeu de Charlevoix’s farm offers a world of discovery through an exotic and family-oriented experience.