Hello, I’ve had bags under my eyes for many years and they’re getting worse with age (I’m 65). I also have red spots on my cheeks and small red veins that look like rosacea. What products should I used to help me? Thank you for your answer and Happy Holidays!

Hello, the serum is a good product to control the bags under your eyes. The serum deeply moisturizes, tones and accelerates cellular repair. It helps maintain the firmness of the skin and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and bags under the eyes. In addition, we recommend the hydra fem + cream for your face […]

Audrey said: Hello, yesterday a woman told me about the emu oil that she bought from you a while ago. I would like to get some information about your emu oil. I would like to know of 100% pure emu oil is effective on wrinkles around my eyes and lips, etc. If so, is it better to use pure oil first and then apply my day and night cream or should I add it to my day and night cream? What do you recommend and what are the benefits? Thanks in advance for paying attention to my request.

Hello, yes emu oil is an effective anti-aging solution for your face and around your eyes and lips. It all also depends on your expectations. If you want to prevent fine lines, we recommend applying pure emu oil around your eyes and lips, as well as on your face, before your day and/or night cream. […]